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Key documents

Product Disclosure Statement

The AE KiwiSaver Plan Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) describes how AE KiwiSaver Plan works and provides you with information about who is involved in providing it.

Before deciding to join AE KiwiSaver Plan, you should read the PDS, and if necessary, obtain independent financial advice.  Download a copy of the AE KiwiSaver Plan PDS below

Application Form

You are required to complete the AE KiwiSaver Plan application form, and provide the listed supporting documents, to join AE KiwiSaver Plan (Please print in either colour or in greyscale).

Other Material Information

This document provides material information about AE KiwiSaver Plan to help you make an informed decision about investing. It is an important document and supports the PDS and SIPO.  Download a copy of the other material information document below

Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO)

The Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) sets out the principles, rules and guidelines for how we manage AE KiwiSaver Plan.  Download a copy of the SIPO below

Governing Documents

The AE KiwiSaver Plan is a unit trust governed by a Trust Deed between us and Trustees Executors Limited (the Supervisor). Download copies of these documents below

AE Ethical Mandate Report SAE 3100

Memorandum recording Strict Ethical Mandate

Fund Updates

AE KiwiSaver Plan and also AE Investor files a Fund Update each quarter with the Disclose Register of the New Zealand Companies Office

Annual Report

The most recent Annual Report for AE KiwiSaver Plan is for the period ended 31 March 2023. Download a copy of the AE KiwiSaver Plan Annual Report below

Financial Statement

The most recent financial statements for AE KiwiSaver Plan are for the period ended 31 March 2023.  Download a copy of these financial statements below

Further Information

Further information about AE KiwiSaver Plan, including a list of fund returns and full portfolio holdings, is available on the Companies Office Disclose Register ( by searching “AE KiwiSaver Plan” on the offer register.

MIS - Market Service Licence