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Always-Ethical's Privacy Policy

Any information you provide us is stored securely by Always-Ethical Ltd. Your information will be used by Always-Ethical and the Supervisors, custody, registry to manage your relationship with any of the parties above, to provide products and services to you, to comply with any applicable laws, to offer you further products and services that may be of interest to you and for any other use for which you have given authorisation.


We may also disclose your personal information for these purposes to our staff members, related companies, our third-party service providers, Supervisors, custody, registry and, if required by law, to the Financial Markets Authority or other applicable regulator. 


If you contact us or we contact you, we may keep a record of that contact. We may also monitor and record calls you make to us and we make to you.


You have the right to request access to any personal information held about you, and to request correction of any information at any time. 

Always-Ethical clients can contact us via email at or call 0800 4 262624 . 


If you are concerned about a possible interference with your privacy, you should write to Always-Ethical Ltd, PO Box 304015, Hauraki Corner, Auckland 0750, New Zealand, or email


If your concerns are not resolved to your satisfaction, the matter can be referred to the Privacy Commissioner on 0800 803 909 or