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Benefits of AE Investor

Deposit any amount

Flexibility to deposit any amount, any time. This enables you to scale up your investment at your connivence.

Withdraw at anytime

Simply request your money in writing and we will deposit your investment to your bank in 5 working days.

AE Investor is an ethical savings scheme

Unique Strict Ethical Mndate

Capital growth fund

Invests in strong balance sheet companies

Selects and manages its investments - no outsourcing

USD denominated investment

Based in New Zealand

Compliance with Strict Ethical Mandate is checked daily

*Note: The value of AE Investor goes up and down with the Market, 

because we participate in the risk of all investments.

Anyone can join



Trusts or Partnerships



Incorporated societies

There is no minimum amount to invest, and you may invest in either New Zealand or U.S. dollars. 

Our Performance

Investment Performance Returns

(Net of Expenses and Before Tax) to 31st May 2024 (unaudited)


Key documents

Product Disclosure Statement

The AE Investor Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) describes how AE Investor works and provides you with information about who is involved in providing it. 

Before deciding to invest with AE Investor, you should read the PDS, and if necessary, obtain independent financial advice.

Get started today

You can begin investing in AE Investor by completing the application form (and providing the supporting documents) at the back of the Product Disclosure Statement (available for download here)